Day One: Donald Trump’s Rough Start. Period.

Yesterday, Donald Trump awoke in a new home with a new job and a new set of awesome responsibilities. He, presumably, wiped the Cheetos dust out of his eyes and looked forward to his day with the excitement and anxiety of a first grader on their first day of school. What was he to expect? How would he perform? Who would he eat lunch with?

Trump’s first day was off to a rocky start from the moment it began, though, with his new home surrounded by protesters and a Saturday church service that would put the most faithful among us to sleep but it, surely, couldn’t get any worse.


Donald Trump took a visit to the C.I.A headquarters and, in front of their wall of stars which commemorates all those who gave their lives to the administration, he boasted about the size of his crowds. It was the equivalent of your Uncle who stands at the lectern at your father’s funeral and tries to sell the family on a “unique investment opportunity.” It was disrespectful, petty, and in poor taste. The motivation for this speech came from a single tweet that displayed the National Mall on the day of President Obama’s inauguration next to a picture from the same angle at roughly the same time during President Trump’s inauguration. The crowd size was, to say the least, smaller.

He then used his bully pulpit to bash the media as among the “most dishonest people in the world” despite the fact that his inauguration was significantly less attended than Obama’s by every possible metric except for “Duck Dynasty Viewers”. This is Donald Trump’s first day in office and instead of reaching out to the C.I.A. he equated to Nazis as recently as two weeks prior, he went on the most hallowed of their landmarks and pissed all over it. But that’s fine. He can spin it and talk about the ovations and everyone will forget.

As millions of people across the country took to the streets to let their voices be heard, Donald Trump sent his press secretary, Sean Spicer, out to deliver a litany of lies to the media followed by a less than thinly veiled threat. The tone and message of this press briefing was immediately called into question and immediately turned into an internet meme and immediately too all the focus off the millions of marchers. Mission accomplished. All for what? The crowd size at the inauguration ceremony.

Again with this crap? The only person who cares is Donald Trump and the only person making it news is Donald Trump. This was a single tweet that was published and would have been forgotten in a week had it not been for the thin skin of Donald Trump. If only someone could have warned us about his propensity to be baited into arguments by a single tweet.

The worst part of the press briefing, aside from the horrible delivery by Spicer, is that every “fact” he stated could easily be refuted by a third grader with an internet connection. He cited things like lawn tarps, magnetometers, and public transit to prove that the images weren’t comparable but every example he gave was a bigger lie than the last.

Jeffrey Lord, a pundit for CNN, explained most of the day away with the idea that Donald Trump is trying to energize the people he is now capable of sending to death. He equates this mess of a day with how Donald Trump does business and that we can’t expect him to be presidential because we didn’t elect him to be presidential.

That’s all horse crap for several reasons. If Jeff Gordon decided to become an Uber driver, he would be expected to drive like an Uber driver does and not how a NASCAR driver does. When he takes a corner at 150 miles per hour or clips the car next to him, you can’t defend it by saying, “hey, he’s a racecar driver, what do you expect.”

Whether he likes it or not, Donald Trump needs to change his behavior as a president and it can be done without sacrificing his core reprehensible qualities. The days of pundit interpreting his speeches or washing it all away as hyperbolic or sarcastic are gone. He has the nuclear arsenal and the most powerful army in the world at his disposal and sarcasm does not translate from English to Korean.

Now it is day two and, just like any other day, the leader of the free world decided to speak via Twitter and set the record straight.

Donald Trump can’t see anything outside of show business terms. For someone who thinks celebrities should keep their dirty liberal mouths shut, he sure seems to love speaking in their vernacular. First, of course it was a “packed house”. People tend to show up when their boss, the president, holds a meeting at work. Second, you didn’t pay great respect to the wall, you used it as a backdrop for your whine fest. Third, standing ovations are not the measure of the quality of a politician like they are a movie star.

First off, saying you were “under the impression” of something that we all know you knew about is just about the most smug thing you can say to a populace. Second, these people did vote, you lost the election by three million votes. Third, while Madonna and Ashley Judd may not have helped the cause a great deal, the celebrities did help to get people energized. Also, Elizabeth Warren got huge ovations in Boston.

Stop saying wow. Just stop. First, comparing your first term ratings to Obama’s second term ratings is not equatable but it is understandable since his first term inauguration beat yours by 7 million viewers and had three times as many people in attendance.

Two hours after smugly dismissing the protesters we get this tweet which defends the right of the people to exercise their first amendment right. Notice, though, that he doesn’t say he hears what these people are saying. He doesn’t say, “I’m going to work with you to meet on common ground.” He simply says, “hey, you do you.” It’d be disgraceful if it weren’t so predictable.

On the topics of crowd size, protests, and ratings, the proper presidential response is no response. But, if you absolutely can’t keep your mouth shut, the response needs to be respectful and thoughtful and it can’t be delivered in 140 character increments. For a man who took the oath of office in front of a small crowd and with abysmal approval ratings to do so little in his speech or first day of business to attempt to mend that divide speaks volumes about what we can expect over the next four years.

Hold his feet to the flame, folks. It’s on us to teach this man how to be our leader.