Republicans Are Playing A Very Smart End-Game

Republicans have all of the power. The control the House. They control the Senate. We can argue over whether or not they control Donald Trump, but he’s still one of their guys–for better or worse. As someone that identifies more closely with left-leaning measures, these times are a bit scary with so much change coming in such a short period of time. General human kindness is being thrown out the window. Facts hold no place in what was reality just one week ago. Now we are in some sort of fever dream.

This isn’t about any of that though. We can read about the troubled times we’re in on any of a number of “fake news” sites. Instead, I wanted to talk about the game that Republicans are playing with Mr. Trump at the helm. Speaker Paul Ryan and Senator Lindsey Graham have been in line with most of Trump’s plans, but have expressed concern in a couple of areas.

Add this to seemingly the entire Republican party that isn’t a part of Trump’s cabinet being against an actual investigation into voter fraud, and they are laying the groundwork to opposing the president on some small issues. We’re only a week in.

It’s going to take a little bit of time, but with all of the momentum that is gathering towards making abortion illegal, it’s seeming as though that is a cause that most of the White House, in particular VP Pence, have their sights set on. It’s not hard to fathom that that is the reason that many traditional Republicans are putting up with this entire charade. But what happens when it passes?

Simple. Paul Ryan starts calling Trump out more in the media. The Republicans start taking action into saving the democracy that they are currently destroying. They know that the chaos that is occurring isn’t going to be good for their political careers, regardless of how the maps are gerrymandered. There have been a number of Trump supporters that were rethinking their votes immediately after the election, and that number figures to be increasing by the day. If enough swing voters are left without healthcare, that will be a direct reflection upon the Republican party, and the pendulum would swing to the left in the midterms (at least as far as it can with how the districts are drawn), and again in 2020.

The only chance that the Republican party has is to pass as much legislation as quickly as possible before the American people catch on. Once they start sensing that something isn’t quite right and begin to think about all of the news that is coming out of the White House on a daily basis–perhaps stop calling people snowflakes and think of everyone as in the same boat–then the GOP will have to take action against Trump.

That action will obviously have to be impeachment for any number of things. Close your eyes, open the constitution and point. That’s the one they’ll nail him on.

In leading the impeachment charge (something the Democrats cannot do because they don’t have the votes to go it alone) the GOP will be seen as standing up for what’s right and reclaiming their party from this madman. Only that won’t be the case. They’ve empowered him. They’ve used him. And they’ll get rid of him when they’re through with him. And they’ll look like heroes.


Photo by Gage Skidmore